Wednesday, July 29, 2009

School Daze

In less than 4 weeks, major changes will be underway here at home: my 3 year old begins preschool.  How is it possible, when it seems like just yesterday I was lying in a hospital bed, loopy from painkillers and exhaustion, holding him for the very first time.  How is it possible that he's ready to take those first steps towards independence? And more importanlty, how in the world am I going to get him and his sister out the door on time in the morning?

I know he is more than ready. But I'm sure the first day will be rough, so we have begun preparing him a little.  One of my little guy's favorite books is "Spot Goes to School." 

I love it because, unlike most books about starting school, this one does not focus too much on the main character's fears.  Instead, it simply shows a variety of fun things that happen in school. We have also read some where the main character is afraid to go to school, and despite the rest of the story, I think all he has taken away from those is that school is something to be nervous about. Even with the Spot book, though, he has asked "Where is Spot's mommy?" This has given us a chance to explain that preschool is a time for him to learn, and have fun with friends, and that mom and dad will be back before he knows it. 

I keep reminding myself that I should appreciate those tears on the first day. Before I know it, the first day of junior high will be upon us, and he'll be begging me to drop him off a block from school so his friends don't see!


  1. I remember the first days my son and daughter went to preschool. I cried more than they did! Time does go quick. My son is now a junior in college and my daughter is married. It seems just like yesterday I was sending them to preschool. Enjoy this time. It goes in a blink!

  2. Thanks! Yeah, it is already flying by! It's amazing how much things change over such a short time.